When it comes to travel, one thing is for certain – it's not just something you do when you're young and then it leaves your system.

No, no - once you've been bitten by the travel bug, there is no cure.

Taking an Overdue Gap Year

A gap year is no longer just for the young. As reported in an article featured in UK newspaper The Express last year, in recent years there has been a big increase of people 45 years old and over ticking off their travel bucket lists.

Findings from a recent survey of 1,000 Brits showed that many people 45+ are now taking a gap year they perhaps would have liked to have taken when they were younger. 46 percent said the desire to take a gap year now was due to feeling less pressure to join the career ladder.

Where places like Southeast Asia and South America are hotspots for younger people, the top five destinations for those over 45 are Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Italy.

Only For The Young?

A working holiday visa, which is currently offered to citizens of approximately 60 countries, offers young people the opportunity to live and work abroad in the participating country of their choice for 12 months.

Although the age varies between countries, the age is usually for young people 18-30 years old. This provides a wonderful opportunity to experience a new culture, see the world, and live in another country.

So, what happens when you're over 35, let alone in your 40's and 50's?

The Age You're At Is The Best Age To Travel

Of course, we all know that wanderlust is not only for the young. While many adults dream of taking a sabbatical, few up until recently actually do it. The increase is due in part due to companies becoming more open to the idea and the higher rate at which people are changing jobs.

Feeling like you're stuck in a rut at work happens to most people even if you love what you do. Sometimes you just need to take a time-out. There are also countless stories of people who take a year off late in life but which leads to more fulfilling

work. There are also countless stories of people who take a year off late in life but which leads to more fulfilling work.

How To Do It

When it comes to travelling, as adults, we have a big advantage over those who are coming straight out of university. You have a job, you perhaps already have savings, or, through your job, you have the means to save money.

If taking a sabbatical is something you want to do, first know that it's possible. Second, there are several ways to fund your sabbatical: perhaps your employer will allow you to take extended time away from work and return to your job. Perhaps you want to work overseas by teaching English or working on a farm which can then help fund your travels. Or, alternatively, while you're currently employed, save, save, save.

If saving money to fund your year off is the plan, the first step of your journey begins with FerratumBank. At FerratumBank, we have designed a powerful mobile banking savings tool aimed to help you achieve your savings goal.

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Safe travels

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