At FerratumBank, we aim to bridge the gap between the life you dream and the life you lead.

We understand that money can help open doors and create opportunities and that one opportunity often leads to more. As a dedicated mobile bank, we created our banking products as solutions which enable you to say yes to life more often, and to make your life simpler so you can spend more time doing the things that matter most.

Putting It Into Action

Our recent Outdo Yourself contest was created to give you the encouragement to put your ideas into action and to do the things in life that perhaps you´ve previously put off doing.

To enter the contest, we asked you to send in a short video about a project or goal that was dear to you. Maybe it was a project you had already started or something you had always wanted to do but either didn´t have the time or the means to make it possible.

To reward the winners of the contest, we offered a generous grant along with the mentorship needed to help make the goal a reality.

Reaching Further

We received so many inspiring and wonderful videos - 133 videos from 18 countries to be exact – and it was a difficult choice to select just three winners.

After we finally decided on three winners, we soon realised that the videos had the potential to inspire so many more people.

Living Your Passion

Goals are at their most potent when we pursue the things that we are most passionate about. When you pursue goals that excite you, it gives you the motivation and focus needed to see them through. This is evident in the video pitch we received from Laura and Mar – two girls from Spain - whose goal is to pursue their passion as film makers.

Under their production company name South Sea Productions, Laura and Mar are finishing their short film "Nero", which they hope to enter into film festivals such as Cannes and show in small cinemas.

One of the key elements to achieving goals is making small steps every day. As shared in their video, Laura and Mar are always filming – be it small clips for YouTube or recording cover songs. Taking action is crucial to achieving our goals. Because of their passion, as well as their desire and motivation, we have no doubts that Laura and Mar will reach their goal of completing their film.

Thank you, Laura and Mar, for sharing your passions and inspiring us all. We, here at FerratumBank, wish you all the very best!

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from Outdo Yourself next month!

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