Experience is the teacher of all things. Julius Caesar

It has been said that we are the sum of our experiences.

Our experiences so far inform our thoughts, our actions, our decision-making processes, and, in turn, the opportunities and risks we are willing to take today.

For example, when we have a pleasant experience, we´re more likely to engage in that activity again because we know it´s safe, comfortable and familiar. Conversely, when we have a negative experience, it deters us from engaging with that activity or person again.

So, if you are the sum of your experiences, what would happen if you pushed yourself and made a conscious effort to experience new things?.

Learn From Walter Mitty

If you haven´t yet seen the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, it´s a must.

Walter Mitty is a daydreamer who lives an ordinary life working as an assets manager for LIFE magazine. He joins a dating website in hope of being matched with a work colleague who he fancies.

A representative from the dating agency calls Walter to ask why he left questions blank on his profile. Walter replies that he didn´t know what to list. The representative then asks Walter “Have you done anything noteworthy or mentionable?” to which Walter responds he hadn´t.

It all changes when Walter goes on an adventure of a lifetime through Iceland, Greenland, and beyond, in search for the missing photo needed for the final LIFE magazine cover.

The film reminds us that life is an adventure and that it´s time to start living.

It´s The Little Things

You don´t need to be a daredevil, or go all the way to Greenland like Walter Mitty to experience extraordinary moments. Moments are here to be created in our everyday life. Whether it´s talking to a stranger, trying new food, going on a date, walking a different route home, or picnicking in the park and enjoying the sunshine, it´s important to do something different to break your routines.

It doesn´t need to be an earth-shattering activity to be meaningful or to leave an impression. The smallest of decisions can make the biggest impact. The conversations we´re willing to strike up. The places we´re willing to go. The effort we´re willing to make.

Think back to a time when you either took a day trip, spent a couple of hours with a stranger or acquaintance, or attended an event, it embeds a memory in your mind that can be recalled.

How Memories Are Created

Anytime we make an effort to do anything, the probability of creating a memorable moment increases. Anytime you do something out of your ordinary routine, it becomes an experience and these moments that remind us we´re alive.

If you don´t make a conscious effort, it´s possible to go through life living each day the same as the one before. You wake up at the same time every day, go to work, come home, make dinner, watch TV, go to sleep.

You can continue doing the same thing every day, or you can make an effort to experience something new.

See What´s Out There

Pick up the culture, events or arts section of your local newspaper and see what´s happening. From weekend craft markets, concerts, discussion groups, films, gallery exhibitions, there is always something to do and experience.

We´re not suggesting that any of your experiences will become your new favourite activity. It´s about experiencing things, even if it´s just to learn that it´s not for you. But hey, if you do find something new you enjoy, great!

Wherever possible, invite a friend, family member, or colleague along. Memories and moments are more powerful when shared with others.

It´s time to start living today.

At FerratumBank, we believe in encouraging people to do the things in life that matter most to them. So, how can we help you experience more?

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