Pay anyone via SMS in seconds | Ferratum Bank

Pay anyone via SMS in seconds

  • Enter recipient's name, mobile number and amount
  • No account details of the recipient are required
  • Recipients receive an SMS with a link to withdraw the funds
  • Recipient can belong to any bank or financial institution
  • Quick, safe and secure

Your smartphone just got smarter

Our smartphones have become an extension of us, making everyday life more convenient and more connected. Sending money is no exception. Send money to anyone, anywhere via SMS in seconds.

Sending money via SMS is a breeze

Sending money has never been easier or quicker.

Open the app

Open the FerratumBank app on your smartphone, select Make a Payment, then select SMS payment.

Enter recipient name and phone

Enter the first and last name of the recipient followed by their phone number. Alternatively, select a previously saved contact. No personal details or account details required.

Select amount and slide away

Include an optional message or reference number, or even send a photo such as a receipt or photo of the item. Enter the amount you would like to send then move the slider to the right to send the payment. If you like, you can also save the recipient’s details for future use.

Receiving money via SMS is a breeze

Recipients receive an SMS notifying them they have money to collect. The recipient simply clicks on the link in the SMS which will direct them to a website where they enter the unique transaction code included in the SMS along with their IBAN to receive the money. No registration or account required. It's that simple!

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