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A multicurrency account for the whole of Europe

  • Manage up to 7 accounts and 7 currencies
  • All major European currencies
  • Say goodbye to foreign exchange fees
  • Perfect for travellers, adventurers, and explorers
  • Withdraw from ATMs worldwide, four times per month, for free*
  • Integrated currency convertor

Welcome, citizen of the world

When you open a bank account with FerratumBank, you get all major European currencies right at your fingertips, which you can manage via our sleek and easy to use mobile app.

The power is in your hands

Thanks to our partnership with MasterCard, there´s so much you can do. From everyday purchases to transactions in faraway places, your debit card is loaded with great features.

Pay anywhere

Use your free FerratumBank MasterCard debit card to make payments anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted!

Free ATM withdrawals*

Withdraw money from any ATM worldwide, four times per month, for free*

Pay like a local

Feel and pay like a local whenever you travel with the ability to make payments in the local currency

Watch your travel money go further

Since you´ll never need to worry about currency exchange bureaus or foreign exchange fees, you can watch your money stretch further. With FerratumBank, you get to keep more money in your pocket when compared to traditional banks or exchange bureaus.

*Please note that while we will not charge a fee for these transactions, you may be charged a fee by ATM operator. These fees are independent of FerratumBank.


Ready to get started?

All FerratumBank customers get a complete Mobile Banking Package when they join us. It’s everything you need to manage ALL your finances on the go.


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