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  • Free Current Account

  • Multiple currencies

  • Flexible overdraft

  • Free contactless MasterCard

  • Send money via SMS

  • Simple savings

  • 24/7 Customer support

FerratumBank Current Account

  • Real-time transfers
  • No everyday bank fees
  • Free to apply overdraft*
  • No monthly account fees
  • *If approved, interest rates apply when using the overdraft

Designed for the movers and shakers, and those who dance to their own rhythm, all you need is a smartphone and banking freedom can be yours. Safe and secure, with FerratumBank, the future of banking is in the palm of your hand.

One multi-currency account for all of Europe

  • All major European currencies
  • Integrated currency converter in the app
  • Transfer money between currency accounts for free
  • Four free ATM withdrawals per month anywhere in the world*
  • No borders
  • *Note: Some ATM operators may charge a fee independent of FerratumBank


Flexible overdraft

Make the impossible, possible. Whether it´s to cover hotel pre-authorisation charges, make a purchase, or have more cash available on your next holiday, a FerratumBank overdraft means you always have funds available. Add an overdraft to your FerratumBank Current account in just a tap of the button. Interest only begins when the overdraft is in use and there are zero fees for simply having the overdraft linked to your account.

Free contactless MasterCard

The world is yours. Powered by MasterCard, with your FerratumBank debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs across the globe in any currency, and make purchases both in-store and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Fast and secure, our contactless technology also means purchases can be made with just a tap of the card.


Send money via SMS

Pay any contact through your phone. Simply enter their name, mobile number and amount and they’ll get an SMS instructing them how to direct the money to their own account.

Hit Your Savings Target

Saving money is so much easier when you have something to aim for. Hit the bullseye every time with Ferratum savings goals. We've designed a powerful savings tool which help you achieve your goals easily.


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We´re here for you 24-7

If you need assistance or if you have a question, we´re always here to help. Just open the live chat, call us, or send us an email. But beforehand, you may also wish to check out our frequently asked questions.

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