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Reach your savings targets quicker with Boosters!

What are Boosters?

Boosters are tools designed to help you achieve your saving targets easier.

Think of it like putting spare change in your piggy bank automatically whenever you make a transaction.

Open the app, access your savings account, create a Booster and we'll do the rest!

How do Boosters work?

Boosters make saving money automatic by transferring a small amount from each transaction you make into your savings account or savings goal.

The specifics of the booster such as the transaction threshold (e.g. all purchases between 30kr and 200kr) and the amount of money to be saved from each transaction are set by you.

What types of Boosters are there?

There are two different boosters available:

  • Round it up
  • Purchase & Boost

Round It Up applies to card transactions. When making a card purchase and the booster parameters are met, the rounded-up amount will be automatically transferred to your savings account or savings goal.

Purchase & Boost applies to both electronic and card transactions. You have the choice of how you wish to save - a fixed amount or a percentage of amount spent.

Why FerratumBank Boosters?

Fast & Easy

Adding a Booster to your account takes just seconds


Set the rules including transaction range and savings amount


Once the Booster is activated, savings automatically occur


Hit your savings goal every time for just €0.99 a month

More info?


Why will you love Boosters?

“We created saving goals to help customers with their savings targets. Thanks to Boosters, customers can reach their goals and targets even sooner.”

Guido T.

“I like to think of it as an automated piggy bank for your spare change.”

Bruno B.

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