While Easter is synonymous with chocolate and Easter bunnies, since in many countries Easter is a four-day weekend, it´s no surprise then that it´s also one of the best and most popular times of year to travel.

The Evening Standard in the UK estimated there would be almost 17 million cars on the road during the Easter weekend. While up in the skies, Heathrow Airport expected 850,000 flyers. Those estimations were two years ago. Since then, the popularity of Easter travel has increased further.

Travel is seemingly on everyone´s mind at this time of year, therefore, finding a cheap deal can be quite a challenge. However, if you´re flexible with your departure dates and choice of airlines and hotels, there are plenty of great package deals to be found.

So, travellers, here are our picks for the seven best Easter weekend escapes:

1. Copenhagen

The Danish capital is the epitome of cool in the far north. If you're a foodie, you're in for a treat; Copenhagen boasts no less than fifteen Michelin-starred restaurants.

Pristine canals, edgy design, stylish bars serving local craft beer, boutique shops, stunning architecture, and cyclists abound all help give Copenhagen its unique style and charm.

2. Prague

Few cities in the world can match the beauty of the Czech capital. Medieval bridges, countless spires, cosy old town squares, cobbled lanes and hidden courtyards, Prague is eye candy for wanderers.

Add in an incredible, buzzing nightlife and the best (and cheapest) beer in Europe, and you´ve got one must-see destination.

3. Barcelona

As Spain's most attractive city escape, the stunning seaside city of Barcelona is brimming with cultural riches and some of the most striking and jaw-dropping art and modernist architecture courtesy of Gaudi.

With incredible dining, seafood, bars, and beaches, Barcelona epitomises the Mediterranean. And when it comes to nightlife, get ready for some late, late nights. Whether it´s flamenco, indie-rock, or house, Barcelona has it all in spades.

4. Rome

Ah, Rome. Truly one of the world´s greatest cities, Rome is home to some of the world´s most fascinating landmarks and heritage sites and is littered with unparalleled history and culture.

Fill your belly with arguably the world's best pizza and generous serving of gelato, then enjoy strolling through the wonders of the Roman empire.

5. Paris

Few cities in the world can rival Paris when it comes to allure and romance. Similarly, few cities in the world can rival landmarks like The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Champs-Elysées.

With pristine gardens, the greatest collection of art, exquisite gourmet culinary traditions, and more architectural icons than anywhere else, the sprawling French capital is delight for all the senses.

6. Budapest

The Hungarian capital is best experienced by absorbing the vibe of the city. Architecturally stunning, Budapest is a mix of baroque, art nouveau, and neoclassical. However, there´s probably no better way to soak up the city than in one of the many hot spring bathhouses located through the capital.

7. Berlin

The Bohemian, industrial, and arty German capital is a city like no other. Desolate factory building ruins, incredible street art, minimalist architecture meets, Berlin is at once gritty and gorgeous.

Dubbed the best city in the world for vegan food, Berlin is progressive, understated, cool with a hipster, art-student vibe. Its nightlife is also some of the best in the world too. When it comes to art and culture, Berlin is in a world of its own.

So, travellers, where will you go this Easter long weekend?

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