It's the moment we've all been waiting all winter for! Spring is finally here!

Believe us, we know the older one gets, the more one feels the cold! So, with winter behind us, it's time to open up the windows and feel that warm spring air.

Look around you and you'll notice that everybody seems to have an extra spring in their step with those glum winter moods now lifted. There's a lot to love about spring including travel. In fact, when it comes to holidays, spring might just be the best time to travel. Why? Read on.

1. Finally, Warmer Weather!

Of course, the number one reason to travel in spring is the warmer weather. While you may not be guaranteed summer-like temperatures unless you head to Australia, South-East Asia or perhaps the Canary Islands, the weather in spring can be very pleasant especially the later in the season you travel.

Summer heat can often be unbearably hot when visiting big cities, which is another reason spring travel is so appealing. In spring you get the sunshine without sweating while trying to take a photo in front of, say, the Eiffel Tower or Acropolis.

2. Fewer Crowds

Holidaying in spring also means fewer crowds than summer. With fewer tourists around, it means there are no long line-ups for museums, and it's much easier to book your spot on a tour. Spring also means making hotel and restaurant reservations much easier too.

3. Cheaper Hotels and Flights Than Summer

While in the summer prices for everything soar, spring is still off-season which means all-round better prices for hotels, flights, restaurants, and tours.

And don't worry if you haven't booked anything for spring yet. Kayak suggest that some of the best prices can be found 21 days away.

When all of these are combined, there is a spring holiday to match every budget.

4. The Great Outdoors

With the arrival of warmer weather, hiking trails reopen, parks become picnic grounds again, children are out playing, and we can start enjoying activities on the lakes or in the forests again.

Be it camping, boating, or hiking; springtime is the best time to enjoy the great outdoors.

5. Springtime Beauty

An aromatic and visual delight, spring is a rainbow of colours and a bouquet of smells, where flowers bloom, skies are blue, birds return from the north, and animals come out from their winter hibernation with newborns in tow.

The cities are alive again only this time with more colour. Seasonal restaurants and cafes reopen, and there is an excitement in the air.

Wherever You Go...

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