When it comes to life changing apps, companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify, have revolutionised the way we travel, book accommodation, and consume music, respectively.

But they´re not the only apps that are impacting the way we live.

Here are ten ways lifestyle apps that will not only change your life but make life easier too:

1. Home Delivery 2.0

Stuck at the office? Don´t feel like cooking tonight? When it comes convenience and choice, food apps like Wolt and Foodora have changed the game.

Foodora has partnered with countless restaurants to take restaurant food delivery to the next level. Open the app, browse restaurants or cafes in your area, select your items, make your payment, and your order will be delivered right to you.

Wolt helps you find the best meals in your city which can then either be delivered to you or ready for you to pick up.

No need to call a restaurant to place an order, and no need to leave your home or office, simply order from the palm of your hand. When it comes to choice, you´re spoilt for choice.

2. Tracking Your Fitness Progress

When running, biking or doing any type of high impact physical exercise, fitness tracking apps like Runtastic make tracking your fitness progress simple.

As a user, you can track your speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calorie consumption in a clear and visually appealing way, directly within the app. Set yourself fitness goals and challenges, and share your results with friends or groups.

3. Be Accountable

You´re at work or sitting on the sofa at home, you open Facebook and suddenly you slip deep into the social media vortex. Hours later, you look up and wonder where the time went. Hey, we´ve all been there. Apps like RescueTime and Forest holds users accountable by breaking down how and where you spend your time. Rescuetime, for example, allows you to set goals to focus and even has the ability to block sites if you spend too much time on them. Forest helps users stay away from their smartphones and instead stay focused on their work. With Forest, whenever you want to focus, you plant a tree within the app, and watch the tree will grow over time. But if you leave the app to browse sites, the tree dies. Talk about accountability!

4. The New Way To Order At A Restaurant

A perfect solution if you´re on a quick lunch break, or if you´ve managed to find a spot in a crowded restaurant and don´t want to risk losing your table to place your order, apps such as PEJ (currently only in Sweden) have streamlined ordering and paying at restaurants and cafes.

No waiting around to be served - instead find a seat, make note of your table number, open the app, select your items, and make your payment. Your food and drinks will then be delivered to your table moments later. Now that´s convenience.

5. Make The Most of Your Layover

If you´re flying long distances and have a long layover between flights, then Dayuse is the app you need. The app allows you to book a hotel room for a few hours between flights at a quarter of the price of an overnight stay.

Take a nap, have a shower, or use the hotel gym and be fresh and ready for your next flight. Ahhhh.

6. Organise Your Travels

OK travelers, this one is for you. When booking holidays, flights are just one of the many things you need to organise. Additionally, there are airport transfers, hotel bookings, car rental, tours, and more.

Between carrying passports, tickets, and other travel documents, being organised can be challenging. There are, however, several handy apps such as TripCase which help users organise their flights, hotels and itineraries all in one spot.

You can then easily share your itinerary with friends and family. Once you´ve shared your itinerary, recipients will receive updates if there are changes to your itinerary, such as flight cancellations.

7. Your Bank In Your Pocket

At a time when we use our smartphones for everything, it makes sense that we have access to our bank at all times too.

FerratumBank is your bank in your pocket. A 100% online bank that gives you full access to your bank account along and all the everyday banking tools you need.

Users can manage up to seven accounts each with a different currency, which means goodbye foreign exchange fees.

8. Mobile Zen

When it comes to mindfulness and wellbeing, there are a wealth of great apps to choose, all designed to bring some Zen to your everyday. Popular apps such as Headspace, Calm, and Stop Breathe & Think introduce users to meditation and mindfulness through timed, guided meditations.

Whether you have two minutes or one hour, using an app to reduce stress and increase mindfulness is time well spent.

9. Sorting Through Your To-Do List

It´s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things we´ve got to do personally and professionally. Apps like Wunderlist and Microsoft´s To-Do help you keep track of things on your “to do” list with helpful reminders.

Whether it´s items on your grocery list, keeping track of work tasks or planning a holiday, with Wunderlist or Microsoft´s To-Do, you never have to worry about things falling by the wayside or forgetting something important.

10. Learn A Language On The Go

Have you always wanted to learn a new language but between work and life, never manage to find time? Well, thanks to apps such as Babbel and Duolingo, learning a new language has never been easier. While the former is structured more like a traditional language course, the latter adds an element of gamification making learning fun.

No classes necessary, learn a new language while out walking or riding the train. Join a community and share your progress, ask questions, and practice your new language.

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