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8 minutes is all it takes to join the new banking revolution

Open a FerratumBank account and open a world of possibility.

FerratumBank is a dedicated online bank that gives you all your everyday banking needs in the palm of your hand.


The ONLY account
you need across Europe

A multi-currency account without borders. The freedom to move money between countries in real-time for free. Access to your money wherever you are with all the everyday banking tools you need. Welcome to the FerratumBank Current account.

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Pay any contact via SMS

A simple way to send or receive money with just a mobile number. Whether its repaying a friend for concert tickets or splitting the bill for dinner - it's quick, easy and secure with a simple SMS.

Hassle-free overdraft

With money always available, you can say yes to life more often. Whether you´re making purchases, checking into a hotel, or simply whenever you need extra cash, with the FerratumBank flexible overdraft, you´re always covered. Go anywhere, experience more.

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Free contactless

The world is yours. Powered by MasterCard, with your FerratumBank debit card, you can withdraw cash from ATMs across the globe in any currency, and make purchases both in-store and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Fast and secure, our contactless technology also means purchases can be made with just a tap of the card.

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