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Experience borderless banking

A multi-currency account without borders. The freedom to move money between countries in real-time for free. Access to your money wherever you are with all the everyday banking tools you need. Welcome to the FerratumBank Current account.

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Pay any contact via SMS

At FerratumBank, we like easy. Pay any contact through your phone. Simply enter the name and mobile number of the recipient along with the amount you wish to send and the recipient will get an SMS instructing them how to transfer the money to their own account.

Flexible overdraft

See more, do more. With money always available, you can say yes to life more often. Whether you're making purchases, checking into a hotel, or simply need a little extra cash, with a FerratumBank flexible overdraft, anything is possible.

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Free contactless

The world is yours! Powered by MasterCard, your FerratumBank debit card allows you to withdraw cash across Europe in any currency and make purchases in-store and online anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Fast and secure, our contactless technology also means purchases can be made with just a tap of the card!

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